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7Cs Books represents three authors currently. We have three books currently published, two in post editing, one in first editing and many more to come.


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Our 7Cs Team
Jeff Cheney

Jeff Cheney

CEO, Writer, Editor

Jeff is the second of the seven Cheney brothers. He has worked as a civilian contract mechanic for the US Army, a heavy equipment mechanic, a High School teacher, and currently works in high technology computer chip manufacturing. Jeff has been writing science fiction and fantasy stories for enjoyment for over thirty-five years and has published three SF novels with his brothers; Dead Reckoning and Day of Reckoning, and Force of Reckoning. Final Reckoning, due out Nov. 3rd, 2017, will be his fourth novel with his brothers. He is also completing his first solo novel, Forged by Betrayal, due out in 2018. He enjoys coaching youth basketball, working on cars and doing woodworking when the time allows. He has three grown children and he lives in a small town in NW Oregon with his wife of 28 years.

Craig Cheney

Craig Cheney

CFO, Writer, Editor

Craig is the middlest of the Cheney sons. He holds degrees in Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. He has worked as a disk jockey, put on trade shows, organized a circus, taught classes on Shakespeare, Math, Debate, and Parliamentary Procedure, and is currently dabbling in rocket science. Craig was the runner-up for the 2009 Next Mark Twain Award. He, his wife, and their children live on Utah's Wasatch Front.

Jared Cheney

Jared Cheney

CTO, Writer, Editor

Jared is the youngest of the seven Cheney brothers. He has worked for more than twenty years in technology, and as an IT Executive for more than the last ten. He is currently a Senior VP for a global managed cloud services company, and an active member of IEEE. He loves to travel and has lived and worked all over the US (46 states visited) and in over twenty different countries. He holds a degree in Business Administration, Information Systems, and Electrical Engineering. The family passion for reading and writing has worked out well in collaboration with Jeff and Craig on soon to be four novels of the Reckoning series. Jared and his wife live in the Portland, Oregon area with their children.


7 Cs Books has a great story to tell about their journey of telling stories


7 Cs was a nickname acquired by the 7 Cheney brothers growing up in a rural town in Northwestern Oregon. 7Cs Books, LLC represents the work of three of those brothers as they came together on writing, editing and publishing projects. Using writing together as a way of staying close as adult siblings, they continue to enjoy working together after many years. Of seemingly constant surprise, they often receive commentary from friends, associates, and fans that there is a sense of amazement that three siblings can agree on anything, let alone manage to write and produce novels together. The team of brothers has found that quite the opposite is true for them. They have enjoyed several years of friendship and fun in working together on their various projects. It is possible that the actual years of age difference between them has ensured that there are no childhood grudges between them to overcome. There exists the possibility, however, that their shared quirky sense of humor and familial insanity just makes it all work for them. Time will tell.

The brothers all graduated at or near the top of their respective classes at the same high school on the Oregon Coast. All three are Eagle Scouts and volunteer their time to support The Boy Scouts of America. All three are fluent in Spanish and can hold their own in English (or was that the other way around?) although Craig sometimes gets confused over the gender of such obviously masculine words as "la mano" and "la foto".

Personal Info

  •   +1 503 512 9010
  •   PO Box 281, Vernonia, OR


Book Reviews
March 17, 2009 "The technological edge has become the most important aspect of so many things. "Dead Reckoning" is the science fiction story of the WNS Pathfinder, which embodies a cutting edge new technology that could change the world of intergalactic travel as Captain William Brighton knew it. Living on the fringe, Cpt. Brighton's crew must recover the technology from a hostile government; everyone is nipping at his crew's behinds, while their hope of success dwindles by the minute. "Dead Reckoning" a fast-paced adventure, sure to please."

Midwest Book Review, Oregon, Wisconsin

Review of Dead Reckoning - debut novel of the Reckoning Series
June 14, 2014 "This book was one that I just didn't want to put down. If a book can keep you on the edge of your seat, then this is it. I can't wait until part two of the Trilogy. Great book, Great reading."

David Weeks

Review of Dead Reckoning
May 28, 2013 "I just finished book two in the Pathfinder trilogy "Day of Reckoning" . I thoroughly enjoyed it. intact I finished the last 300+ pages in one sitting because I couldn't put the book down. It left me impatiently waiting for the third and final installment, hope it will be along soon. I was concerned a bit at first as I have never read a book written by three authors, but it was not an issue. each chapter flowed seamlessly into the next. in fact, even when I was paying close attention I could not detect a major difference in writing styles of these three brothers. Give it a read, I think you will enjoy it."

CCRN Charley

Review of Day of Reckoning - second novel in the Reckoning series


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